Today, I’ll finally be doing a review of one of my favorite reads of this year: The Selection trilogy by Kiera Cass. I finally decided to pick up the book when news of the movie was dropped a couple of months ago.

The Selection is a competition that takes place in futuristic America, now known as Illea, when the prince comes of age. 35 girls are chosen to live in the palace to compete for his heart, and in return, become queen.

Let me start off with saying that, when everyone else says that they’re quick reads, they’re not lying. They certainly are. Also, this series doesn’t feel like a dystopia, but more like a contemporary.

The characters, in my opinion are some of the most annoying and indecisive characters I’ve ever read about. I gave The Selection a 4.5/5 stars, The Elite a 3.75/5 stars and The One a 5/5 stars. The One was also the only book that made me tear up. Personally, I felt that the world building wasn’t exactly the best and there certainly are lots of flaws in the plot, but there’s just something about it that makes it so addictive and enjoyable.

I feel that The Elite wasn’t really necessary in the whole series, and it just became kind of repetitive, except this time, with America’s indecisiveness. She isn’t even able to keep to one decision in like a chapter. She just changes her mind over the smallest things and I just really disliked it. The Elite should’ve instead just be squeezed into a 100 pages and placed at the back of The Selection.

Another issue was Maxon. I know that Maxon is favored a lot by those who’ve read the series, but I thought that he too was a little impulsive at times.

*spoilers from here onwards*

There was this one scene in The One when Maxon first found out about America’s and Aspen’s relationship and he just jumped to conclusions about what was happening without even listening to anyone’s explanations. That scene was a little overdone, in my opinion, and not very well written. Also, I didn’t see why America couldn’t have just told him straight in the face that she USED to be with Aspen, but has now broken up with him.

After all, America had no right to be mad at Maxon for not telling her about him and the other Selected girls, when she herself is still not sure about her feelings for him. It seems like she had forgotten that Maxon was supposed to be doing this with the other girls, but instead, she had acted like he was cheating on her.

Celeste. Her death was so quick! One minute she becomes our ally and the next boom! She’s dead! I really did not see the point in killing off her, as there wasn’t even a scene for the funeral in the book.

Kriss. I never actually suspected that she was a northern rebel. I did wish that there was a scene when she comes out to everyone about her being a northern rebel though. That would’ve been a great addition.

And then we had the scene where Maxon was supposed to announce who he was going to marry. What he was going to do seemed really childish, just saying. I cannot believe he was actually going to give up the chance on marrying the woman he loves just because…urgh! FYI Maxon, you can’t just demand someone to give you back something you gave them!


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