I’m not going to provide a synopsis for this book, because it is the second book in a series after all and I wouldn’t want to spoil anyone who happens to stumble upon this post. For a full synopsis, click here to check it out. Also, if you have not read Scarlet, you can check out my Cinder book review, where there is a non-spoiler and spoiler section.

I gave this book a 4/5 stars and I enjoyed it almost as much as Cinder, but not that much. Basically, I was not that a huge fan of Scarlet, the new character that is introduced, than compared to Cinder. Also, although the plot gets thicker and more interesting, some parts were just not that enjoyable for me.

-spoilers from now on-

I felt that the romance between Scarlet and Wolf felt unnatural and forced at some times mainly because they were like making out after barely knowing each other. Especially since Scarlet didn’t really trust Wolf, and the next, she was all over him.

Also, it’s kind of surprising how Kai still hasn’t figured out that Cinder is actually the princess. Although Thorne did find out in the end, I would think that he would’ve made the connection when he visited that underground room in the farmhouse. Nonetheless, I absolutely loved the friendship between Cinder and Thorne, and they seem like they could go on great adventures together on Thorne’s spaceship. I mean, that would be cool.

My favorite part would definitely be the escaping from the prison part and I loved seeing the friendship between them grow throughout this book. Another favorite part of mine was the ending in the spaceship. Especially the part where Scarlet and Wolf are talking and it was just so cute!

I really loved Iko’s comeback as well, and I think she’s gonna be awesome as a ship and she was like “Scarlet and Wolf are saying gushy things about each other”. I just love Iko. Who doesn’t?

Another part I would’ve loved to see in this book was Dr. Erland. He doesn’t make much of an appearance and I wished that he would’ve been there for Cinder to help her and practice her powers with her. He could also explain to her more of her history and stuff like that, because Dr. Erland is Lunar after all and it seems like everyone just forgot about him in the midst of all this chaos.

I never actually figured out that Wolf and his pack were actually those soldier things from the image in Lunar, until Scarlet figured it out herself. I just never made the connection for some reason.

I still can’t believe Kai actually agreed to marry Queen Levana. I mean, he can’t actually believe that marrying her will solve everything, right? It’s not like Queen Levana will stop attacking Earth just because she formed a marriage alliance with Earth, but instead, I’m sure things will get even worst.

So, that’s all for my thoughts on Scarlet. Hopefully, I’ll pick up Cress soon, so look out for my review X



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