Shadowhunters Trailer Talk

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when the first behind the scenes pictures were being released, i was really excited for the show. now, my expectations have been lowered a little, as all we’ve seen are just some sneak peeks but i do hope that the rest of the show will be a little better than what we’ve seen so far.

for a lot of people they seem to be bothered by the changes, but honestly, you have to go into this knowing that it’ll not be the same as the book. i’m okay with the changes they’ve made so far and would like to see how this would tie in with the plot later on if the show gets more seasons.

what really did bother me was the effects they used. it was very different than how i expected it, and not as good. but i can’t say too much considering all we have now is just a 7-8 min preview of the show.

the actors look great except for maybe kat. her acting came off as a little mediocre to me. is it just me or does anyone feel the same? i didn’t really like how the portrayed isabelle as well. that part where isabelle was dancing was a little confusing for me and i didn’t quite understand what was going on. she just threw her wig off and started dancing around. i thought that emeraude did an amazing job, but the problem is probably lying with the script. one of the aspects in the movie that i did like was how isabelle was shown in the club scene.

also, alec was supposed to be protective of isabelle and his family actually. but when isabelle started unzipping her jacket, he just stood there like it was nothing. the writers and the cast did promise that the fans would like it, so i’m hoping that it might be better than what little of the show we’ve seen so far.


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