Book Travelling Thursdays: A Book That Deals With War

this week will be my first time participating in book travelling thursdays, which is weekly meme created by danielle @danielle’s book blog and catia @the girl who read to much. click here to visit the goodreads page for more information! all you have to do is to state why you chose this book, show the original cover, the cover from your country, your favorite cover, and your least favorite cover. this week’s topic is to choose a book that deals with war.

title: prisoner of night and fog (prisoner of night and fog #1)
author: anne blankman
rating: 4.5/5 stars
source: book depository//amazon//goodreads
genres: historical fiction, romance, mystery

“If you think love means secrecy, then you don’t understand what love is at all.” -Anne Blankman, Prisoner of Night and Fog

 original cover/favorite cover:

this book is historical fiction and is set in world war 2 in germany. this book follows hitler’s niece who falls in love with a jew. it is about the struggles their relationship face and journey as hitler gains more power in germany and when the war starts to begin. i have not read a lot of books dealing with war, so i automatically thought of this, which i read this year and loved a lot. this book also shows how badly the jews were treated back then in 1930s munich, where hitler was based.

cover from my country:

i wished they published the original covers in paperback, so my country would have those, because my country mainly has only paperbacks and i get all my hardcovers from online.

least favorite cover:


the color scheme is pretty similar to the original cover, but the font placement is not very my favorite.

that’s all for this week’s book travelling thursdays post, hope you liked it! i’ve recently been in a huge reading slump, are there any books that you can recommend to me to help me get out of this slump?


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