Mockingjay Part 2 Movie Review

yesss!!! i watched mockingjay part 2 today and it was sooo good.  if you haven’t watched it, i highly recommend it. warning: prepare some tissues beforehand.

if you haven’t watched the movie or read mockingjay, just a warning, there will be spoilers

i went there expecting it to be okay, since i already knew what was going to happen. still have some tissues on hand. there were so many instances in the whole movie when i cried, especially toward the end. there is a mix of happy tears and sad tears though, so it isn’t all that bad.

plot wise, the movie did a great job of keeping to the book, and they included all the important scenes, although i did feel some were a little rushed. (probably because the movie was already more than 2 hours long) i did not have a chance to reread the book since i first read it in 2012, so my memories of it were a little fuzzy when i went to watch the movie.

i felt that prim was barely featured in this movie, except for the ending and during her death, which was wayyy too quick. it literally happened in one second.

katniss: prim!

*prim looks over*

*explosion happens*

all the actors did a great job as always, and i’m so sad that this film series has come to an end. again, it was so sad to witness finnick’s death. he had just gotten married to annie and it was upsetting to see him die so fast. i also thought that some of the characters should’ve been featured a little more in the movie instead of just katniss, because she was there for like every scene.

i watched it with my uncle, who hasn’t read any of the books but watched all the previous movies, and he told me that he thought the plot was rather predictable. he surprisingly managed to guess what was about to happen accurately.

for someone who has already read the books, i can’t say too much on the predictability of the movie since i know clearly what will and will not happen, so i asked my uncle for his opinion on it after we finished watching it.

if you have watched it, what do you think? did you like it? if so, what were some of your favorite scenes? share them all with me! i would love to hear your thoughts ❤


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