Winter Biannual Bibliothon 2016 TBR

this year’s winter biannual bibliothon will be from 3 Jan-9 Jan 2016 and if you are interested in participating or want to know more be sure to check out their twitter and youtube accounts. there are also a list of video challenges which can be found on their channel.

youtube channel

twitter account

read the group book

the group book is: soundless by richelle mead. i don’t currently own this book but i will get it in ebook form soon. i haven’t read any of richelle mead’s books except for vampire academy and i’m glad this gives me a chance to finally pick up her other books! there will be a liveshow for this book and you can find more info on the reading challenges video

read a book that has been sitting in your shelf for over a year

i didn’t have a lot of choices for this since i tend to read books immediately after i bought them or if not, i’ll read them first before reading newly bought books. for this i decided to pick secret society by tom dolby which has been there for over a year, which may or may not be the oldest unread book on my shelf

read a book with over 300 pages

my choice for this is obsidian by jennifer l. armentrout. i’m finally picking up this book after hearing all the rave reviews about it! i hope i won’t be disappointed by it

read a book from your favorite genre

as you may or may not know, my favorite genre is fantasy. i chose rebel spring by morgan rhodes for this challenge. i can use this opportunity to get caught up on this series since 4 books are already out and i’ve only read the first

reread your favorite book in a series

after looking through my shelves, i realized that i surprisingly did not reread this book before and that book is the hunger games by suzanne collins. i did reread mockingjay twice when the movies came out but never reread the hunger games before

read a book that you haven’t yet read the synopsis of

for this it would definitely be confess by colleen hoover. i have heard great things about it and apart from knowing it’s related to art, i have no other idea what it’s about. i haven’t read colleen hoover’s other books and this is the only book i own by her

read a book that has been recommended to you more than once

my pick would be rainbow rowell’s eleanor and park. lots of booktubers have included this in their recommendations and goodreads has also recommended this to me before. i have not read any of rainbow rowell’s books as to date

this is a pretty ambitious TBR and i’ll probably not be able to accomplish it since school starts on 4 Jan for me and i have practices and performances that week which will keep me pretty busy

signing off


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