10 facts about me

i decided to put up this post on the 13th of december, in honor of my birthday, so that you’ll know a little more about me!! i hope this isn’t too boring

  1. my favorite color is gray. i know, not a very interesting favorite color, but i just seem to really like the color, considering most clothes i own are gray.
  2. i really really like k-pop. my favorite group has to be super junior. any elfs here? i wish kry would come to sg, but they probably won’t have a chance until 2018 :<


    aww heechul is so adorable

  3. i would love to travel to europe ❤
  4. i live in singapore, a country in southeast asia
  5. i have read a total of 49 books this year so far, which was more than i expected, tbh
  6. my other favorite group other than sj would definitely have to be the vamps!! they’re coming to singapore next year, ahh i’m so excited!!!
  7. my favorite genre is fantasy. it was a fantasy book that got me into reading all those years ago 🙂
  8. my favorite fairy tale is the beauty and the beast
  9. i don’t like wearing dresses and only own 1 dress. (i don’t mind skirts, but just rarely wear dresses)
  10. i have no idea how i’m still alive after all the yewook moments from kry in bkk [esp that backhug from yesterday] *faints*

so if you didn’t notice, this post was also another reason for me to fangirl over my favorite groups. oops…



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